Masterful Endemic North Peru

North Peru is the new place for birding. There are a lot of endemics. This area has a good number of species and habitats. We will start our trip in Lima where we can take a flight to Cajamarca.

Rio Chonta: This place is near Cajamarca. Here we can find, Gray-bellied Comet, Rusty-crowned Tit-Spinetail, Baron´s Spinetail, Yellow-billed Tit-Tyrant, etc

We also have possibilities for a few hummingbirds such as a Green-tailed Trainbearer, Giant Black Metaltail, etc.

Chaparry-Bosque Pomac: Chaparry lodge is near to Chiclayo. This area is the place for the reintroduction of White-winged Guan. Here we can find more tumbesian species such as Rufous Flycatcher, Tumbes Tyrant, Etc

This place does not have hummingbird feeders but has a spring where the hummers visit.

All day we can see a Tumbes Hummingbird, Oasis Hummingbird, Purple-collared Woodstar, and we have good chances for finding Peruvian Sheartail.

Bosque Historico de Pomac: Here is the best place for Peruvian Plant-cuter, including more Tumbesian endemics. It is possible to see species of mammals such as spectacled bear, white tailed deer, etc.

Olmos.This is a small village in the western area. Here we have a small hotel and can comfortably do the excursion to Quebrada Frijolillo. This is the nice area for White-winged Guan. It is the original place where the first individuals were found. Near Olmos it is possible to see Peruvian Thick-Knee, Peruvian Screech-Owl, and others.

If you would like to stay here one more night to visit other places we can, or stay only one night here and continue the trip.

The last day we continue to Jaen. We stop in Abra Porcuya the best place for Piura Chat-tyrant, Buff-necked Foliage-Gleaner, Black-cowled Saltatore, and others. This is Optional.

Jaen. This is the big city in the Marañon area. Here we can find a few endemics and a couple of specialists, such as a Spotted Rail, Spot-throated Hummingbird, Chinchipe Spinetail, Little Inca-Finch, Black-capped Sparrow (Marañon split), Red-crested Finch, etc.
Chamaya: A few Kilometers near to Jaen is a place perfect for Chinchipe Spinetail and Little Inca-finch.
Pomacochas: This is the best place for the amazing marvelous Spatula-Tailed, Chestnut-crested Cotinga, Large-footed Tapaculo, and many surprises..

Leimebamba: Is a very nice area for birding, which has many endemics like a Coppery Metaltail, Black Metaltail, Koepke´s Screech-Owl, Leimebamba Antpitta and others.

Abra Patricia: This area has a very nice list of birds such as Royal Sunangel, Long-whiskered-Owlet, Speckle-Chested Piculet, Rufous-Tinged Antpitta, Ochre-fronted Antpitta, Yellow-scarfed Tanager,etc.

Here we need a few days for birding along a very good road. We have different habitats and a good chance for finding the rare Ash-throated Antwren.


Morro de Calzada: It is an interesting place. Here we have many special birds such as Cinereous-breasted Spinetail, Burnished-buff Tanager, and others.
Tarapoto: This is a big area for birding, including many habitats. This area has very interesting species for Amazon and Marañon.

The last day we fly to Lima and go back home.

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