Peru is located to the Northwest of South America with an area of 1285215.6 square km bordered by Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. A large portion of the Andes mountain range is in Peru which has created a whole different type of wildlife with many endemic species.

There are more than 1800 species of birds in Peru, of which 180 are endemic and distributed in various ecosystems such as:Central Andes, Pacific Coast, Cashew, Northern Amazonia, Southern Amazon, Tumbes, The Condor Cordillera range.

Plus a small influence of Yungas and savanna. There is an area that is rarely described, the mountains and valleys of the Sierra in which there are some new species.It also has large lakes such as Titicaca and Junín. They also have a few endemics.

Peru is a good destination for bird watchers which we will be delighted with the number of species observed in only a few days. We want to explore this country. Also we will have the opportunity to closely observe ancient cultures that invite us to learn about them.

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