Our tour will begin in the southeast which is one of the best regions for birding. Here we will encounter many of the most desirable species and have many unforgettable experiences.

This region includes the North Tien Shan Mountains, spruce forests, Charyn canyon, sandy deserts and wetlands with numerous large and small lakes.

We will also visit the Kaskelen valley in the foothill of the mountains. It is serene, lush green, and full of flora and fauna. The Charyn River gorge offers vistas of geological structures that rival the Grand Canyon of Arizona. The Taukum desert is a place for inner meditation, where one will be left breathless when viewing this landscape in spring. Our last stop in the southeast will be the magnificent Tien Shan Mountains where the snow-capped peaks exceed 5000m. Afterwards we will take a flight to Astana to visit a special Nature Reserve with lakes that are home to a profusion of migratory birds.

This trip wil give us excellent opportunities to find top species such as Himalayan Snowcock, Ibisbill, Demoiselle Crane, Macqueens Bustard, Bearded Vulture, Himalayan Griffon Vulture, Steppe Eagle, Pallas’s, Pin-tailed and Black-bellied Sandgrouse etc.

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